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If you think that your woman is okay with just normal sex and that you are satisfying her sexual needs, better think again. Every call girl in this world has their very own sexual fantasy that’s waiting to be fulfilled. However, the thing with most girls is that not all of them admit to their partner that they are not satisfied with their partner’s performance. I know it’s a bit ego-decreasing but if you really want to give your girl a healthy sexual satisfaction, you need to accept the fact that you may not be hitting the G-spot. If you want your woman screaming and moaning excessively, you need to learn some tactics to give her the perfect “O”. After all, a relationship is about giving and receiving, so make sure that both of you gives and receives climax and orgasm.

If you don’t know how it’s done or if you’re hesitant to ask what her sex fantasies are, don’t worry! You don’t have to search for sex gurus or hire a girls service to teach you as we already have a list of the naughty fantasies that most women craves for. So, tighten your seatbelt, grab a pen paper and read every line as this list will change the sex life of yours and your partner’s.

Dominance and Submission

Yes, you’re reading the heading right. Girls want to dominate and to be dominated. In fact, domination is one of the top sexual fantasies that women dream of. Woman secretly wants their men to plead for sex while they dominate men. She wants a scenario where you adore her body and pleading to have sex with her. She enjoys this process cause it makes her feel like she’s Aphrodite. And every woman wants to be treated like a sex goddess. She also wants to go through the same way you went through but in a bit of a hardcore way like pulling her hair, tearing her clothes, soft biting on her shoulder, thrusting hard or spanking her butt. Fulfilling her sexual fantasy will tickle her femininity as she embraces the goodness of feminism. Women tend to fantasize these because they want to be owned, even for just a while and even just in the bedroom.


We usually see girls from porn wearing sexy student or teacher uniforms. You may be unaware of it, but your girl secretly dreams to dress up like a sexy teacher, police or a nurse and especially a schoolgirl (She actually likes that Japanese schoolgirl porn of yours). She likes the kinkiness in role playing and this is where the teasing and butt-spanking enter. Girls like to be devilish in foreplay and would love to tease you until you can’t take it anymore and pull her aggressively and spank her butt. If you think spanking will offend her — sorry but you’re wrong. In fact, many mature women wish to receive naughty spanking from their men. Spanking is very kinky and it definitely leads to a wild, hot and erotic sex.


Peek-a-boo! Men are not the only ones who enjoy watching others get it on. The truth is voyeurism can arouse your woman and she can be a good Peeping Tom like you are. It may be hard to believe but peeping through the windows of neighbours and watching porn videos is included in a girl’s sex fantasy. Yep, women enjoy watching adult movies as much as you do, they easily get turned on while watching others do it. So it’s a good idea if the both of you watches a sex tape first as it will add extra heat to your love-making.

Three is not a crowd

Sex can be performed alone, with a partner and with an acquaintance. Your lady fantasizes to engage in sex with another girl or another man with you around. This activity can be very fun as she can have the best of both worlds. If the third party is a girl, you and your woman can touch the babe while the other plays voyeur until she asks you to join the fun. The other type of threesome your girl fantasizes of is to be penetrated while she’s performing fellatio on the other guy. Hard to imagine but yes, women fantasize to be involved in this kind of sex activity.

Your very own Exotic Dancer

Most girls won’t admit that they would love to perform a strip dance for their partners. But the fact is, they are very willing to take it all off in a sexy way just like what strip dancers do at bars. Your woman is very willing to provoke you while she’s strip teasing. You having your stick shift erected while she’s giving you a private dance will bring her enjoyment and arousal because she knows you find her performance sexy and hot. And all your woman needs to know is if she can give you an erection.

When planning to engage in swinging or threesome sex, ensure that you and your woman are protected to avoid diseases like gonorrhoea, herpes and etc. Sex is something that both parties should enjoy. Your girl may be hesitant to tell you what her sex fantasies are but you will feel if she’s comfortable to perform the activities listed above. Women may not tell you right away how they want the sex to be but they will tell you if it’s hurting them. A steamy sex will help provide a healthy relationship especially if fantasies of both parties are produced.