10 Things That Make Her Wild in Bed

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October 18, 2017
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Groovy love making is the way to a successful relationship. As we all know sex is everything now and it touches the mind of the people all over the world. If you never enjoy this kind of pleasure, then you will definitely feeling left out. When wanting to make your women enjoy the things you do together in bed and to get her aroused; you need to make her feel satisfy with the things you do.

When you enter a relationship, getting undressed together is all that matters. If you want to develop the action into a wild, passionate love making, you need to dig into a better way of exploring. You need to attend her demands and have to give adequate importance to all types of love making with call girls in mumbai.

Create a dynamic sexual relationship with your partner and it will be easy for her to reach the pleasure of sex. Remember that if your woman cannot reach orgasm with you, your relationship will develop troubles in many ways. The following below are ways to make call girls in mumbai wild in bed.

10 Things You Need Do To For Her to Enjoy Making Love with You

1. Foreplay particularly on the breast

Foreplay acts a major role in attaining orgasm. You can start doing foreplay in the bedroom before you have sex. Arousal on the breast part can sometimes result to a bigger orgasm for her. The breasts consist of nerves which can cause more arousing effect so it is important to play the whole breast and not just the nipples. When she is on top, it helps if you will perform slow circles starting on the border of the breast and shape it until you are about at the nipples. Licking and sucking of this part can also stimulate orgasm.

2.Make her G-spot orgasm

Hand and oral stimulation can provide her a success of reaching orgasm especially on the G-spot. Most of the G-spot of the woman is placed inside her vagina. You may hit it with fingers and penis with a dog style. Placing her on the top and holding her hips for balance is a perfect position in stimulating the G-spot because in each stroke the penis will rub against the wall of the vagina.

3. Put some sensuality by surprising her

For most women it is important for them to feel that you miss them. So when she gets home from work, surprise her by a deep kiss. Pick her up and carry her to a couch, bed or chair where you can show your desire for her. It is also important not to undress her totally, just a bit of spicy actions like lifting up her skirt, or pull down her shorts is a precious way of surprising her with eagerness.  You can also use your finger to massage her clitoris while telling her how hot she is.

4. Softly pull her hair

There are nerves in the scalp which can be relaxing and arousing when given a massage. While she is on top try to touch her hair and catch strands of it near the scalp and give it a little pull. This thing works particularly when you’re having a passionate and wild sex because it makes her feel delighted.

5. Talk about what interest you during your love making

Tell her that you enjoy certain things she does to you. This way you will be able to boost her self esteem which can help in attaining orgasm psychologically. You can also talk dirty things.

6. Bite her gently on her neck

Starting out by licking her ear down to neck is super-sensitive which can cause an arousing feeling. The warmth touch of your tongue mixed with the coolness of your breath quivers all over her body.

7. Oral stimulation

An oral stimulation allows her enjoy the activity with you. Lick softly, touch and suck using your tongue may feel more pleasurable for her.

8. Touch her hot spot

Most women cannot attain orgasm without touching her clitoris. If you have any chance of reaching out her clitoris, grab it and rub her hot spot. It should be done with a soft and slow pressure, leading to a harder touch.

9. Kiss her

Kissing during sexual activity will make her feel more aroused and romantic. Choose a position where you can kiss her face to face like missionary or have her position on your lap. Suck her bottom lip and press your lips softly against her.

10. Be a man and be more passionate and aggressive

Being aggressive is one thing to consider in bed. This way, the erotic feeling inside her will arise. This doesn’t require special skills to attend her needs, you just need to be yourself and add some spicy moves you can ever think.