11 common Foods To Increase Her Sex Drive

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Food to Increase Sex Life with Call Girls in Mumbai

Usually we eat food because we are already hungry or just to make us feel better especially after a long work out or a whole day work at the office or after school. We normally eat plenty of food especially if it is our favorite dish or food that fits our taste buds. Foods are made to fill our empty stomach and give us energy to move on and survive in this world. Some tend take a diet because they think they are too fat, when some doesn’t have any food to eat.

While part taking food, we should have a limit or have a discipline to have a good diet. Not all of the people could do it because of the smell or the taste we crave when we saw the food sizzling, steaming, freshly cooked. We can’t control our self but to eat and eat until we feel that we are full. Food could also be a good source to improve your sex life. We are not aware that we eat food that can make us feel in the mood. Sometimes we think that we are just feeling good and feels like you want to have sex with call girls in mumbai, it might be because of the food you eat. Some food contains a substance that would cause our body to be in the mood for sex.

Type Foods to Increase Sex Drive:

  • Celery a vegetable that may not be usually acknowledge by some people but this would be a good source for sexual stimulation. It contains androsterone; it is an odorless hormone released through male perspiration and turns women on the mood. Take this before getting started. Best eaten when raw, wash it and slice some to munch it.
  • Raw oysters contains zinc which helps sperm production which is for sex, it also contains dopamine which is a hormone that is known to increase libido. While eating oyster it gives you the feeling of the foreplay thinking of the same slippery sensation when you eat it. For better serving scrub the shell of the oyster then lay ii on a bed of ice and squeeze some lemon to enjoy this libido food.
  • Bananas contains  bromelain enzyme which also increase the libido. It is also high in potassium which would give you more energy for sex. For women it will be their wild imagination for foreplay while sucking this banana they will feel the same way on how to suck a dick.
  • Avocado is well known as the testicle tree, it contains high levels of folic acid which is the one that metabolizes the protein that produces energy for the body. It also contains vitamin B6 which increases male hormones and potassium that regulates thyroid gland for the women, this two element increases the libido. Nice way to eat it is by slicing it and scoop with your finger and let your girl lick it.
  • Almonds (or nuts in general) this food contains essential fatty acids which is one of the things that helps a man in production of hormone. The smell of the almond would arouse your girl, so try to light some almond scented candle in your room to encourage your girl.
  •  Mangoes, peaches and strawberries a sticky sweet fruit, you can use it for the foreplay, by putting the juice of the fruit over your bodies and lick it. This would be a good start for you guys to have foreplay. You can serve it best by peeling the mango and slice some peach and strawberries then feed your women while she is giving you oral sex.
  • Eggs is not the most sensual food but it contains high level of vitamins B5 and B6 which is good to balance hormone levels and fight stress, two things that are crucial to a healthy libido which need a equilibrium. Some people tend to eat raw chicken egg before having sex to gain more energy and to increase libido.
  • Liver contains glutamine which is good for your immune system; it may increase or lower down the libido but try to put it on your daily diet fry the liver with some onions to make the taste much agreeable your body and your lady would thank it.
  • Figs this are high in amino acids which also increases libido, this can also improve sexual stamina. The shape of fig and sweet, juicy taste are two tangible aspects that are highly pleasurable to the human sense this would start you and your partner to go on.
  • Garlic contains allicin, it increases blood flow to the sex organs that gives you high sensation in your genital. It will be a better feeling for you and your partner. A simple touch in your genital would be very sensual for you both. It may also give you good production of hormones.
  •  Chocolate it contains  theobromine which is similar to caffeine. Chocolate is the surest way to a women’s vagina. It also contains phenylethylamine which give the feeling of “being in love”. dark chocolates has a huge amount of anti-oxidant which would be much better for you.

Eating a lot would not be that bad as long as you have a balance life style. For example you’ve ate a lot of food today tomorrow you should have an exercise like jogging at the park for at least 30 mins., and take your regular diet, don’t eat too much. Keeping this life style would make you more fit and maintain a good shape. Exercise is good for you body even you’re not that fat you should have at least 15 minutes of exercise a day. You daily routine is not considered as exercise so better take your first step to fitness.